5 Bedroom House

Stunning 5 Bedroom House 50 With Additional Interior Design Ideas For Home Design with 5 Bedroom House

Have you ever wondered how the different Feng Shui Quadrants can affect your bedroom? Did you know that where your bedroom is located within your house can actually determine what your love life is like? And, by the same token, where your bed is located within your bedroom can determine whether you and your partner are just “good friends”, or “a great couple”, or even “mostly physical”. Keep reading and you just might find out that your house choice may be affecting your relationship style!

There are 9 Quadrants in Feng Shui, and depending upon the school you may have read about, the names can change slightly from one to the next. So, for both non-Feng Shui experts as well as the Feng Shui savvy, I will list the bedroom locations with standard left/right/back/front/center descriptions too. See if you can find your bedroom location and what it is saying about you.


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