Antique Armchair

Elegant Antique Armchair 71 For Designing Home Inspiration with Antique Armchair

You can barely contain your excitement. You have found the perfect home and the landlord or vendor has accepted your offer and lengthy contract process has begun. You don’t care though, because you have moved onto the important bit – planning how you are going to furnish your new place so it becomes the aspirational living space you have seen in posh magazines and daytime television shows.

First question you ask is “what have I got that I want to take with me”? You love that armchair that feels like it was build around your body. And that kitchen table that has hosted more heart to heart chats over a cup of tea than you can remember. They are definite keepers!

As if this wasn’t good enough, the second wave of ‘Furniture Fun’ is about to crash into your world – furniture shopping! Brochures, catalogues, websites, showrooms, antique fairs and department stores. Not to mention that amazing little furniture shop round the corner that seem to source their stock straight from your dreams! Does life get any better?


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