Armchair Bed

Great Armchair Bed 17 With Additional Home Decor Ideas with Armchair Bed

Have you heard of a pillow with armrests? Sounds kind of weird, right? But weird as it may seem, bed rest pillows have armrests. If you find yourself uncomfortable when you are resting your back on a pillow while you relax or read, bed rest pillows may be best for you. They are pillows with arms that reach forward that allow you to have the comfort of an armchair.

Bed rest pillows, sometimes called husband pillows, are large and somewhat stiff pillows. They are high back pillows with arms that are designed to help you when you are sitting on your bed reading or watching the television. Instead of leaning on a hard surface or lumpy pillows, these pillows give you hard and good support. Doesn’t it bother you when you read in bed and there is nowhere to put your arms? I mean, I always put them on my laps, which forces my head to bend down to read the book. Just 15 minutes of reading will leave me with a sore neck. Having the armrest of these pillows allows me to read upright and comfortably.


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