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Is it a good idea to use custom slipcovers on furniture?

Furniture slipcovers and pillow covers protect furnishings from spills, dirt and dust. Pet hairs on a sofa do not present any problems when a person uses a slipcover because the slipcover, provided it is made from a washable fabric, is easily washed. A brand new sofa deserves a custom-made slipcover because custom covers fit the sofa according to precise measurements.

Slipcovers are available in different patterns

An older sofa does not necessarily need replacement, even if it is quite shabby. Neither does an old armchair need replacement. Affordable slipcovers come in various colors, materials and patterns. In fact, some slipcovers look more fashionable than the actual pieces of furniture. One nice thing about a slipcover is the fact that it can drastically change the design of a sofa, loveseat, recliner or ottoman. It is easy to create a new home decor by simply buying some matching slipcovers.

A professional can measure furnishings for the buyer

Some companies send professional service persons to the home in order to measure the various pieces of furniture. This ensures that the custom slipcovers fit as perfectly as possible and do not look as though they are standard slipcovers purchased in ordinary department stores. The fit on custom covers is extremely snug. In fact, their designs cause them to fit similarly to snug pairs of gloves, leaving no slack in any areas of the furnishings. If it is impossible to have a professional measure the pieces of furniture requiring custom-made covers, the next best thing is to measure them at home. It is crucial that the measurements do not waver at all from reality because the slightest error can make a slipcover sag on one end, lack length on another end or lack the proper width, thus causing the slipcover to look inferior to a less expensive, standard cover purchased in a department store.


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