Bathroom Color Schemes

Luxurius Bathroom Color Schemes 36 on Small Home Decoration Ideas with Bathroom Color Schemes

Shower curtains are an accessory that can mean a lot in a bathroom. An ordinary space can be transformed into one that is fabulous with the right choice of fabric and color. However, you may have a hard time determining which curtain is the best choice for your room. There are so many choices available that it becomes difficult to keep up. If you understand the selection a bit better, you may be able to make a wiser decision.

For the person who prefers simple elegance there is the ability to design around a color scheme. Skipping the prints and patterns that often come with bathroom accessories is a choice that many make. You can begin this process by deciding on a nice solid color curtain for your bathtub. To make it blend it with your room there is always the possibility to add other accessories that tie in with the color scheme. Any store that sells home products will carry these solid colors.

It is possible to have the best of both worlds in your decorating as well. Instead of opting for a solid color curtain, choose a solid liner instead. Then purchase a fabric curtain with a matching print or pattern and use it to surround the liner. Even though it stays simple, you are also adding a bit more elegance to the style with this layered look. The liner will keep your fabric from becoming damaged by the water so that it always looks nice. You will not want to use this look on smaller bathtubs as it can make it look crowded.


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