Bathroom Floor Plans

Marvelous Bathroom Floor Plans 14 For Home Decorating Ideas with Bathroom Floor Plans

Bathroom design plans launch major remodeling projects and small design changes with equal success. Plans help homeowners, interior designers, and contracting professionals to implement changes in a systematic way that saves time, money, and materials. Remodeling can be as simple or complex as homeowners choose. New light fixtures, sink and tub reglazing, new sink faucets, and matching accessories can create a stunning transformation under a thousand dollars. A complete upgrade could cost $10,000 or more. A great part of the expense depends on the existing plumbing infrastructure and whether the upgrades can utilize the old system of water and drains. Relocating plumbing can be expensive, but efficient changes might increase the home’s value by many thousands of dollar.

The basic design problem applies to large and small bathrooms-how to incorporate many functions into a limited space comfortably. City and state building codes often limit the possibilities even further. For example, toilets must be located at least 15 inches from any other fixture. Sinks, tubs and showers must have a 21-inch clearance for basic user mobility, but universal access has become increasingly important as baby boomers age and live longer lives. People who plan to remain in their homes for their entire lives might eventually require mechanical mobility aids. Bathrooms with universal access have larger doorways and clearances to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. These features increase the value of homes substantially, so homeowners contemplating major bathroom overhauls might consider incorporating accessibility options into their designs.


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