Bathroom Floor Tile

Cute Bathroom Floor Tile 88 For Home Design Ideas with Bathroom Floor Tile

Tiled walls and floors can work well in any place in the home, but the bathroom remains the one place where almost every home in the UK has, at least, some tiles present. Retiling or installing additional tiles in the bathroom is a great way to achieve the water resistant, hygienic surface for the walls and floor, but which type of tiles are right for your project?

The modern bathroom is about much more than standard small white tiles, and contemporary colours and tiles materials can give your little room a unique personality and finish all of its own. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing tiles for your next bathroom tiling project:

1. Are tiles waterproof?
The short answer to this is, no. Tiles are certainly water resistant but are not completely waterproof, so if you intend to place them in the shower or on the floor, you’ll need to waterproof the area first to ensure the surfaces behind the tiles do not become damaged by water.

2. What size do you need?
Tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and in a smaller bathroom you can achieve some amazing looks by going for oversized tiles that minimise the grout lines and cuts necessary. Very small tiles can work well in a bathroom, but in a small bathroom the multitude of grout lines can make the room look smaller, so most people go for at least a medium sized tile (400mm x 200mm).


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