Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Cute Bathroom Lighting Fixtures 83 For Inspirational Home Designing with Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

It is necessary that you use good quality bathroom light to best illuminate your bathroom. Strategically placing the lights helps your bathroom gain the best of brightness with optimal lighting investment. You would want your bathroom lighting to look good as well as be effective at the same time. Using bathroom vanity light fixtures is an important step towards achieving your goal.

Before understanding what makes using good quality bathroom vanity light fixtures important, let us carefully understand exactly what to expect from good quality bathroom lighting.

  • Bright lights near the mirror: Mirror is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. Gentlemen would want to perform their shaving and coming hair in front of the bathroom mirror. Ladies would not only comb their hair, but also apply their make ups. Hence both for men and women alike, the mirror front needs to be bright. If you are unable to recognize yourself while standing in front of the mirror, then there is a serious issue with your bathroom lighting.
  • Well-illuminated shower and toilet zone: You would want good illumination near areas of your bathroom that you would frequently use such as the toilet zone and the shower and bath tub. Be cautious, it is advisable to fit high-up ceiling mounted lights in the shower area with good insulation since otherwise it may stand to be exposed to bath water.
  • Complementing daylight and electrical lights: You would want to fix the mirror and the lights such that in the daytime the natural daylight coming in through the windows or skylights ought to be able to add to the electrical light in terms of angles and intensity. There is absolutely no point in illuminating the same side of your face and body and leaving the other side in darkness.


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