Bedroom Art

Spectacular Bedroom Art 94 For Your Home Design Furniture Decorating with Bedroom Art

The bedroom is the site of relaxation, romance, and rest. Designed well, the bedroom can inspire couples to feel more romantic and stir their passions. If not, relationships can dwindle down to a friendly, not so romantic, handshake. If bedrooms are a place of activity, such as exercise, work, hobbies, or other interests, then they will not be the restful space they were intended to be. There is a fine line between creating the bedroom that inspires you and the bedroom that depletes you.

One of the first areas this shows up in is the artwork. Feng shui has stringent rules regarding bedrooms – and correspondingly – the art that goes into them. Time after time, I see bedrooms during feng shui consultations whose artwork appears to be whatever was leftover from the rest of the house. Or, the symbolism of the art in relationship to the room it is displayed in is not taken into account, such as winter scenes in a marriage bedroom. This can fill the bedroom with all the wrong messages. Bbbbrrrrr…….


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