Bedroom Ceiling Lights

Cool Bedroom Ceiling Lights 52 About Remodel Inspirational Home Designing with Bedroom Ceiling Lights

When we visit a cinema, museum, art gallery or any exhibition we will see a multitude of different lights illuminating various areas, the lights are all very different in size, brightness and colour. Over the past couple of decades there has been a real awareness for the need to reduce power consumption of bulbs, making them more efficient to use and longer lasting in their design.

Many lighting manufacturers are now turning to the production of 12v LED fittings and are providing a larger market of low powered lighting for various consumer markets. Low energy fittings are now the only kind of fitting that retailers will stock in their stores.

COB technology is the latest advancement in LED light technology. COB – chips on board, use onboard ceramic chips and a driver in one fitting. They are very bright and low in energy consumption, using only 5 watts of power and because of this the heat output of the lamp is low, which has its own benefits. They have the same output as a 50watt GU10 halogen bulb.


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