Bedroom Door

Coolest Bedroom Door 23 In Interior Design For Home Remodeling with Bedroom Door

The Bedroom is an important part of your home in which you spend a significant amount of time in everyday, and the Feng Shui of the room has a great impact on your personal and romantic relationships. A couple’s problems or a single’s inability to find a suitable partner may stem from a poor Feng Shui arrangement of the bedroom.

Here are some useful Feng Shui tips for your bedroom which can be easily applied to help enhance your relationships and to find romance.

Tap your Star of Affinity Direction

This involves finding your Gua number and sleeping in the direction of your Yan Nian or Star of Affinity direction. This helps in enhancing your relationships and making you more attractive to others, thus bettering your current relationship or increasing your chances of meeting people. Use the Gua Number Calculator to find and tap into your favorable directions. If you find that you are unable to tap into this direction, try at least to avoid the other 4 inauspicious directions.

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