Blue Velvet Armchair

Luxurius Blue Velvet Armchair 15 For Home Decoration Planner with Blue Velvet Armchair

The Industrial Revolution led to a rapid increase in prosperity and affluence within society, which was reflected in the design and style of the homes and interiors of the middle class. A degree of uncertainty on how to embark on this new living style gave rise to the introduction of lavish furnishings & architecture previously reserved for the upper class & aristocracy. Irrespective of the recent advances in technology, Victorian interior design remained true to times past, drawing inspiration from years gone by. The style is elaborate and luxurious whilst also proposing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Victorian architectural aspects and detailing such as cornicing, ceilings and coving arches, carvings, moldings and bas-reliefs, often portrayed scenes from nature, and were prevalent. You can easily incorporate any of these features into your design, which will instantly transform your room.


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