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Elegant Bmw Floor Mats 80 In Home Designing Inspiration with Bmw Floor Mats

The BMW 1 Series is a very popular model for not just BMW enthusiasts but automotive enthusiasts around the world for its superb handling and performance capabilities – especially the 135i model. While BMW does offer a more powerful 1 Series M Coupe that is said to be the real successor to the legendary E30 M3 from the late-1980s/early 1990s, the standard models offer quite a bit of performance without the incredible price tag of the M model. Prior Design has created a new PDM1 program for BMW 1 Series owners that want that exclusivity of the 1 M Coupe but with even greater performance. The new upgrade kit focuses mainly on the exterior with new aerodynamic body work and COR Wheels, but also improves the driving experience with a more powerful engine upgrade kit.

The entire exterior of the Prior Design PDM1 BMW 1 Series model is drastically different. It’s more aggressive, powerful, and muscular, while also achieving better aerodynamic properties. The kit features a new front bumper with enlarged air intake openings to cool the engine and brakes, a new splitter for increased downforce, and a new aerofoil helps to redirect air away from each of the front COR Wheels. A new side skirt set helps to calm airflow around the rear axle while a new lightweight hood with air vents and power bulge allows for better cooling of the engine. The rear sports a new trunk-mounted spoiler that generates downforce, a new bumper with more aggressive styling, and a diffuser with integrated exhaust outlets.


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