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Brilliant Boat Flooring 32 In Home Design Planning with Boat Flooring

I purchased a Bass Tracker II boat about two years ago and I do like my boat. The boat cost $2500; it came equipped with a 35 HP Mercury, an electric start, a console foot controlled trolling motor, and one depth finder. It is extremely light making it easy to haul and to maneuver on and off the trailer.

Now after a couple of years, and this being my first fishing boat, I started looking at purchasing another boat. The feature I was most interested in was more storage, and the newer models seem to fit the bill as they are generally wider now then previous models. The newer boats also have more open space for walking and fishing making it easy to move around to cast. But why spend upwards of $9000 for a different boat when I could upgrade my current tracker. I know a lot of people would say that’s not that much money but I am frugal; okay, some may say cheap.

I did shop around and looked at other fishing boats; I found some nice bass boats, but I also found boats that needed plenty of work. The bottom line is that I did not find exactly what I was looking for; the wider boats always had more HP and I am satisfied with the 35 HP motor I have. The speed is more then ample for the lakes I fish and I get good fuel mileage. That’s an important question to ask yourself when considering all the options; “what do I need for the type of fishing I do and the lakes I fish?”

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