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Charming Boys Bedroom 30 on Interior Designing Home Ideas with Boys Bedroom

Every little boy deserves a room he loves. He needs a place of privacy, a place of discovery, and a place that lets him be who he wants to be.

Let’s run through a few design ideas your little boy will surely love.

1. Astronaut Room


When I was small, I wanted to be an astronaut. I dreamed of racing passed stars and fighting aliens. Of course, that didn’t happen. But nonetheless, I dreamed and dreamed of it as a child. Quite honestly, if my wife would let me, I’d probably do my darnedest to turn our bedroom into outer-space today.


  • Glow in the dark stars – Almost every kid store has them.
  • Astronaut helmet – You can pick one of these up during Halloween if you can’t find it in the toy section of your local department store.
  • Spaceship model – This you can easily find in any toy section.
  • Bedding – Of course, make them space related.


1. Throw the stickers on the wall behind the bed and the entire ceiling. It should be enough to cover both as if you were looking at the night sky.

2. The helmet should be placed on a wall shelf. Make sure it is big enough!

3. The model is something that could be used as desk decoration or as another object to place on the shelf. If you are crafty, you could even make the model into a lamp.

4. You know what to do with the bedding. Place them on the bed!


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