Brass Floor Lamp

Coolest Brass Floor Lamp 21 In Interior Design Ideas For Home Design with Brass Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are those delightful things you see placed on the ground in most trendy homes or offices. They provide a subtle and diffused source of lighting which can be used for general or ambient lighting, or to highlight a particular area of the room. The beauty of this source of light is that it can be placed in a corner where it bounces of the walls and ceilings providing a very soft source of lighting for the rest of the room.

These lamps provide a much better source of light than traditional ceiling lights which are much too harsh for a cozy setting or the more common table lamps which are too dull to light up an entire room and are only good for casting a small pool of light around their edges.

Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes from arch designs, to spirals to tridents, not to mention all the various materials available for you to chose form. Floor lamps come in wood finishing, bronze, brass and other materials. You need only pick whichever one suits your interior finishing best.

When picking an ideal lamp consider its purpose. These lamps can be used to serve several diverse functions. Arc floor lamps can be twisted around to highlight an art piece, or to compliment a design style without taking up too much space. One of the design characteristics inherent in most floor lamps is that they consist of a wide base and narrow neck leading up to the bulb. This means they rarely take up too much space in the room.


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