Cane Back Armchair

Cool Cane Back Armchair 91 For Home Remodeling Ideas with Cane Back Armchair

During the 1920s, Bauhaus designer and architect Marcel Breuer created numerous furniture designs which have today become classics that are widely used by interior designers for both home and corporate interiors.

Breuer’s innovation was to use bent tubular steel in the creation of furniture. At this time, using tubular steel for furniture was a revolutionary idea. Breuer had been inspired by his familiar bicycle handlebars, and using bent tubular steel was feasible for the first time because German steel manufacturer Mannesmann was able to refine the process of making seamless steel tubing.

As he said: If you can bend a tube into a handlebar, why can’t it be bent into furniture?” The result was a piece of furniture that was light-weight, functional and attractive. Because it was inexpensive to mass produce, it fulfilled both the social and aesthetic ideals of the modernist movement.

Although Breuer created many enduring chair designs, the Breuer Chair usually refers to the Cesca Chair which he created in 1928, and later named after his daughter Francesca. The innovative design of the Cesca Chair was its stylish cantilever form using the tubular steel structure and wood and cane seat and back.


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