Chesterfield Armchair

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The word Chesterfield now more popularly known as the Leather Chesterfield Sofa is believed to be an adopted turn of phrase stemming back to the turn of the century when the word Chesterfield started to become the word used to describe a sofa on certain parts of America and Canada.

In England, a davenport with arms and back of the same height in buttoned leather is also referred to as a chesterfield sofa. The origin of the name might also be from the fourth earl of Chesterfield who is Phillip Stanhope who was honored by the commissioning of a fine piece of furniture which is the leather sofa.

Many believed though that the term Chesterfield was originally derived from the style of buttoning of the leather, the shape of the sofa back and the height of the seat. Whatever the source and origin of the Chesterfield sofa name is, it is nowadays considered a proud piece of furniture made by skilled craftsmen to provide comfort and elegance to its proud owners. Others say that the Chesterfield sofa was simply named after the town of Derbyshire.


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