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Fantastic Cork Floor 83 on Home Remodel Ideas with Cork Floor

Estimate claim that over 60% of all households in the US either have a cat or dog. Animals such as this can wreck havoc on your flooring due to defecating, scratching and biting. You really should have a trained animal to not have it messing up your flooring, however sometimes there isn’t anything you can do to break old habits. This is why certain flooring solutions are better with pets. This article is going to explain why cork flooring is an excellent solution with pets in your home.

Cork flooring is a very durable product, able to withstand compression up to 45% and still return to its normal shape without damage. This is crucial with animals such as cats that may scratch your floor with their claws. Instead of the cork tearing it most situations it will just compress under the cats pressure and return to its normal shape when released. Dogs with sharp or large nails also won’t harm cork floors; even when running on them at high speed to greet you when you come home!


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