Costco Furniture Bedroom

Coolest Costco Furniture Bedroom 93 on Home Design Ideas with Costco Furniture Bedroom

You know there are a lot of people out there who don’t care what brands they buy, they figure if they sell them at a box store like Costco or Home Depot, then they’re good quality and trustworthy. End of story. Believe me… we’ve all heard family members brag about the Kirkland brand at Costco

So it stands to reason that the same thing can apply to outdoor furnishings, doesn’t it? You know how it is. Pay a quick complement to someone: “Wow, this is a great patio table. I love how comfortable your ___ is” and before you get a chance to finish your sentence you hear them remark: Costco! Home Depot!!

You know it’s a cultural thing. It’s a way of bragging about the cookie cutter item you bought at the box store that makes you look like you’re a genius for having bought it, assuming and insinuating quality with huge savings. It’s not so much that there’s a quiz, but if you bought it for a good price, that’s definitely within bragging rights. And if you have a friend or relative who overspends on brand names, and they pay you a compliment it’s an even greater opportunity to brag.


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