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Great Delta Bathroom Faucets 96 on Home Decoration For Interior Design Styles with Delta Bathroom Faucets

When you think of versatile and innovative kitchen and bath faucets, the name Peerless comes to mind almost instantly. This is because peerless faucets have been part of the American home for many decades.

Peerless brand faucets are manufactured by the Delta company which, in turn, is owned by the Masco Corporation, a major player in the bath and kitchen industry. Delta has been in the manufacturing business for a long time and has branded its products according to their quality and features. Delta has classified its faucets by name – Brizo, Peerless and Delta.

Brizo is the name given to Delta’s high-end products. This high-priced product line includes some of Delta’s premier faucet collections, which are known all over the world for their style and elegance. However, some of these products can also be found in the Peerless brand.

Peerless is the name designated to Delta’s low-end product line. While this brand has kitchen fixtures with a lot of plastic parts, low-end models doesn’t necessarily translate to low quality. Some of Brizo’s premier product collection find their way to the Peerless brand and are sold as Peerless at a lower price. Thus, it will be more beneficial to get the higher priced Peerless products and stay clear of those below the hundred dollar mark as they contain a lot of plastic components, making them less durable as compared to other models available in the market.


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