EL MAMA & LA PAPA Bar Restaurant / El Equipo Creativo


  • Architects

    El Equipo Creativo
  • Location

    Passatge de Pere Calders, 2, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
  • Neon Design

    Alex Trochut
  • Area

    500.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

    Adrià Goula
  • Manufacturers

    Thonet, Tom Dixon, GUBI, Stellar works

Text description provided by the architects. An “oxymoron” consists of completing a word with another that has a contradictory or opposite meaning. As the name of the place lets us intuit, our client wanted to create a place that played with the duality and the mixture of opposites: man – woman, white – black, day – night. At dusk, in addition to food and drinks, a burlesque show would be offered to give way to an atmosphere of partying and dancing.

The place is an old warehouse of preserves, was a space with a great personality at a structural level, which we wanted to put in value by painting it in intense red in a way that unifies the different zones of the space.

The concept of design is based on the opposition of elements, where all the pieces have their counterpoint. Four large neon lights welcome us on arrival from the four corners of space, almost square in shape. Contrast in pairs of two, they send us a clear message in the form of oxymoron: Never – Again, Peace – Force, Holy – Hell, Public – Secret. The starting point is clear.

Two arches frame the central space at double height and serve as background to the two large bars. Next to the white arch in front, the bar “El Mama” is a bar 360 degrees, more diurnal and cozy, with details in wood and a lot of vegetation. At the opposite end, the cocktail bar “El Papa”, on the black arch, is the nocturnal counterpoint, metallic and industrial.

On the sides of the bars we propose structural platforms at different heights, connected with a large gateway-stage, creating multiple routes through space. These platforms, once again facing each other, generate more private areas, reserved for events, and even a “secret bar”.

The different levels, benches and bars, frame what from a certain time of night will become the center of all looks, the dance floor.

We play again with the idea of opposites with the materials. Polished woods on walls of worn original paint, ceramic mosaic pavements with Mediterranean air next to wood and dark or industrial metal plates. The contrasts are infinite.

Source : archdaily


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