Engineered Wood Flooring

Easy Engineered Wood Flooring 14 For Small Home Decor Inspiration with Engineered Wood Flooring

Customers often ask me “When buying wood flooring should I get 3 ply or multiply engineered wood flooring?” The answer comes down to 3 things.

1. The difference in cost

The cost of wood flooring has many variables. So for an example, lets say that both wood boards are oak, of the same length and width, and have the same finish. Roughly speaking the wider the board with a longer length is more expensive because it wastes more wood in the manufacturing process.

Then it comes down to the thickness of the boards. Those that are made for economy tend to be 15mm thick with a 3mm thick top veneer of oak. The first ply is the veneer, the second ply is a block board making up the bulk of the product, the third ply is a thin layer of wood on the base. A 3 ply board can come up to 20mm in thickness, with the veneer making up 6mm of the board. Buying a thicker board adds to the rigidity of the floor and prevents twisting and warping prior to installing.

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