Falo / Mosaic Design Inc.


  • Architects

    Mosaic Design Inc.
  • Location

    〒150-0034 LUZ 代官山 B1, 14-10 代官山町 渋谷区 東京都 150-0034, Japan
  • Architect in Charge

    Ko Nakamura
  • Area

    80.0 ft2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

    Kazutaka Fujimoto
  • Manufacturers


Text description provided by the architects. This restaurant designed by Mosaic Design is a new type of Italian based restaurant mainly using fire grill in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan. The restaurant has only one big counter table surround the fire in the center of the dining space. The counter was deformed to let every seat face toward the fire and they could see the chef cooking the meat there. It creates a sense of unity in the restaurant and also provides diversity of conditions. Some seats are near the fire, some are close to the chef, corners are for the group and deformed counter creates also table space for 5-6 persons. Deforming the counter is not only for the guest but also for the kitchen, it provide appropriate distance from the guest to the cooking space, avoid having dead space inside the kitchen and create display space on the table as well.

The ceiling is also designed and deformed towards the fire to lead the guest’s attention naturally into the fire and it covers exhaust duct and machine inside the ceiling. Since the limitation of the building structure, it was not possible to create high ceiling height space for this restaurant but controlling the ceiling shape and floor height carefully makes the space confortable.

However only in the restroom, it was possible to make high ceiling space and the art piece was inserted above the restroom to create contrast of the space and small surprise for the guest.

Using wood fiberboard for deformed low ceiling and the wall, it creates unique interior space like “wooden cave” as a specific character of the restaurant to represent this restaurant’s original concept “Italian BBQ with the fire”.

Source : archdaily


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