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Wonderful Floor Finishes 47 About Remodel Home Design Ideas with Floor Finishes

Floor wax and floor finish may seem to be similar, but actually there is a big difference between them. Both qualify to be called floor finishes, but not all finish products are wax products. The difference can be easily seen, as the finish is a protective coating that gives a high specular (mirror like) glossy finish that is very slip resistant. Floor wax is also a protective floor finishing product that can be buffed to a sheen. Both keep scuffs and foot traffic from damaging the floor surface. Floor wax is traditional and needs regular care and renewal, and some waxes need to be removed and then reapplied to function at their best effectiveness. This can involve extra time stripping wax from the floor, and employee expense.

Floor finish puts down a top layer of acrylic coating over the floor surface. It is great for high traffic areas especially, due to product strength and durability. Floor waxes and floor finishes help to make floor surfaces safe, look good, and enable secure footing. A new finish product, Mega Flex, incorporates zinc in its chemical make up. It puts down a metal cross-linked finish that gives a mirror like “specular” gloss finish to floors. These durable finish products not only present a higher gloss finish, but also are a better slip resistant product. Since they last longer, there is less maintenance involved in keeping your facility looking fresh and new.


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