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Nice Floor Mattress 73 For Your Home Design Ideas with Floor Mattress

Beds and futons have evolved tremendously over the centuries, from mats directly on the floor to provide a sleeping space, to the production of sprung mattresses and now memory foam products. Even today the question of why we use a bed frame or a futon frame still crops up.

There are several reasons why having a mattress on the floor may be worse for your health, here’s the top 5 reasons why is it recommended to raise a mattress off the surface of the floor.

1) Dust – Common dust gathers on the floor and it tends to get carried around by draughts. The consequence is that you are more than likely breathe in more dust by sleeping on or very close to the floor.

2) Bed bugs – Another issue is the bed bug parasite which live in our sleeping arena, including covers and the mattress itself. Bed bugs prefer to feed on human blood as you sleep at night and are becoming increasingly common. It is easier for bed bugs to get in your mattress if your mattress is on the floor.

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