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Charming Floor Seating 18 In Small Home Decoration Ideas with Floor Seating

When you open a bar, pub or lounge one of the choices you’ll have to make concerns commercial seating. There are a wide variety of styles of bar stools and restaurant chairs to choose from and you’ll want furniture that matches your particular pub theme. One option for high quality commercial seating is to install floor mounted bar stools at the bar.

Floor mounted stools have a number of advantages over standard mobile stools including easier cleaning around the area, less chance of scrapes and dents from stools being tipped over or moved and a neat, singular line of seating at the bar that can’t be moved. Being able to secure the seating allows you to make other decoration decisions without having to worry about customers coming in a re-designing the seating every night.

While it’s expected that a customer here and there will take a menu or even a glass for a personal keepsake, don’t be surprised to know that some crafty patrons also try to make off with the furniture. Fix mounted stools will keep those folk from getting very far with the stools and with mounted commercial seating you also lessen the chance of difficult customers using stools for fights. When commercial seating is mounted it lessens the chance for people to suddenly back out chairs that can lead to falls and accidents and also prevents congested floor space when patrons decide to group stools together in high traffic areas.

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