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Wonderful Floor Vase 14 on Home Decoration Ideas Designing with Floor Vase

It’s common for people to keep a pair of nice and expensive dress shoes for special occasions. Other people have jobs where they are required to wear nice shoes almost every day. In both cases, you can keep your nice shoes looking better and lasting longer by taking a few simple precautions along the way. One important thing is to not wear the same pair of shoes every day. Though it may seem surprising, a pair of shoes will last longer if they are allowed to “relax” between when you wear them. Simply put, if you alternate between two pairs of shoes, they will each last more than twice as long!

It’s also a good idea to keep yours shoes clean and polished. Some people don’t mind or even enjoy doing this by themselves. Other people don’t have the time or interest and either send their shoes out for cleaning or use a shoeshine location. You should also have your shoes periodically maintained, especially if you notice any wear. It’s a good idea to deal with any damage sooner than later. Most problems can be repaired if caught right away but may make the shoe unsalvageable if you delay in having the problem addressed. Having a shoe re-sewn or re-soled may seem expensive, but for a good pair of shoes, it will be a lot cheaper than buying a new pair. You can also take precautions like using shoe trees which can help keep your leather shoes in good condition and help them age gracefully instead of being full of wrinkles and becoming odd shapes.


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