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Amazing French Armchair 23 In Home Designing Inspiration with French Armchair

Since its first appearance some 300-some years ago in France, the chaise lounge has come a long way as far as design of form. From the very first model came modifications like the Recamier, the Duchesse Brisee, and the Meridienne. Today, the chaise lounge has also crossed into the outdoor domain, where it enjoys a good deal of popularity in gardens, on decks and in backyards. Here are some differences between indoor and outdoor chairs.

Far from the likes of the original prototypes, the outdoor chaise lounge strays from the strict definition of what the seat should actually look like. In translation, the chaise longue simply means a long chair in French, and so applies to any number of outdoor recliners. The lines begin to blur here, as some pieces of outdoor furniture, the chaise lounge, sun lounger and recliner especially, are difficult to actually tell apart. The key parts are just the backrest and ability to lie nearly supine with legs above the ground. Aside from that, there is a definite amount of crossover that must just be accepted.

The frame for an outdoor chaise lounge can be made from a wide range of furniture building materials. The only condition is that it must be somewhat weather-resistant. Wood that has been treated and varnished will usually last a long time with the right amount of upkeep, as will metal. For elegance and traditional design, a wrought iron frame is beautiful but also arguably heavy. An aluminum frame does not connote the same elegance, but is much lighter and looks more modern. Both are subject to rusting after enough time.


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