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Tiles are some people’s go-to options when it comes to garage flooring and, to some, they are viewed as the best, most comprehensive choice. The protection provided to the concrete is about the same as paint, but tiles can be a lot easier to install for some. Following will be some of the many advantages, as well as some disadvantages, of garage floor tile.

The Cost Of Garage Floor Tile

Garage flooring is going to be one of your cheaper and easier home improvement tasks. Garage floor tiles, however, can up the price considerably. Buying a kit that covers a single car garage could set you back anywhere from $200 to over $500, features and brands depending. The only thing that comes close, price wise, is a garage floor mat, so compare the prices between tiles and mats before you decide which one is best for you.

When Is Tile Best?

There are two different types of tiles. There are the interlocking type, which are basically square shaped compartment mats that are meant to be connected, and there are the peel and stick type that actually bond to the concrete. The interlocking type can be used in just about any garage, but probably won’t last as long as the peel and stick type. The peel and stick type, however, can only be used in garages where the original floor is in good shape and not too heavily stained.

Garage Floor Tile Installation

Garage floor tiles are second only to mats in ease of installation. The interlocking tiles connect together like building blocks, and the peel and stick type do exactly that – peel and stick. Although there is nothing difficult about either installation, it can be very time consuming. The peel and stick variety require that the floor be rigorously cleaned since they will otherwise stick to anything, such as dust and dirt, that remains on the floor when they are installed. Interlocking tiles work like mats in that they are just plopped in place, without having to worry too much about how clean the floor is. Unfortunately, this ease of installation also makes them more susceptible to moving when they’re not supposed to.


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