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Why is it that real men don’t dance? People watch popular dance shows not only to look at gorgeous women but to laugh at their coordination-challenged partners. Dance lessons seem to be wasted on these poor clueless souls, brave enough to attempt the most complicated dance moves the world has ever seen.

The professional guys don’t fare any better. Their weird flexibility is somewhat unsettling for some old fashioned people. There’s something about a grown man in skin tight attire, bending over like a spineless jellyfish that makes people wonder that age-old question. Is he or isn’t he…?

Thank God for John Travolta. Now that man can dance! He’s not as talented as Michael Jackson nor does he look like a polished dancer, but his moves are just downright sexy. “Saturday Night Fever” made it okay for the average male to strut his stuff! If you want to learn to dance, and ooze that kind of hotness on the dancefloor, here are a few tips for some D-I-Y dance lessons:


1. Avoid slicked hair/ballroom attire like the plague.
Unless you’re a professional dancer appearing in ‘Dancesport’, you don’t need to look like a salsa dancer to prove you can dance. Dress a little finer than usual but make it real.

2. Practice dancing to your favorite tunes.
Choose a really cool song and get to work. R&B and Reggae offer a lot of great vibes with their slow, steady beats. They can make you look smooth even if you’re doing nothing but just bobbing your head around. Next, learn to dance with your hips. Elvis and Ricky Martin are famous for shaking their pelvis – women practically go into a coma just seeing them perform.

3. Channel James Dean.
(Yes, even James Dean had to dance sometime.) Practice dancing with a mysterious smile until you can melt people into a puddle. Slow dancing was practically invented for this dance move.

4. Keep it simple, and don’t over exert yourself.
While your hips are the main attraction, your hands should still have something to do. Use them to clap or snap your fingers rhythmically. Just don’t do it too much or you’ll end up looking awkward and stupid.

Dancing can be a breeze when you know how to do it right. You don’t have to show off with the latest dance moves; you only have to look like you’re having fun. Men can learn to dance if only they knew how to let loose. After all, it’s a well-known fact that women find men with killer dance moves…dangerously attractive.

Hal Robbern is a writer and a dance fanatic since the age of two. Learn Quick and Easy Dance Lessons [http://www.learnintodance.com/] that can help you find your groove. Visit the link for more info.


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