Gothic Bedroom Sets

Amazing Gothic Bedroom Sets 19 on Home Interior Design Ideas with Gothic Bedroom Sets

A fourposter Bed has 4 vertical columns, one for every corner which usually supports an upper rectangular column. These beds have been around for almost 500 years now, many of which (especially, the early 16th century ones) are highly ornamental. These beds, in those times were made of Oak. Many modern four posters are made of elegantly crafted teak wood.

The Function of Testers

Testers, i.e. the four vertical columns are used to hold curtains which are capable of surrounding the bed. As time passed by, the upper rectangular column somehow lost its charm. The four posters of today come without the rectangular columns.

A Four Poster for Your Bedroom

Four posters are classy, and as a result, pricey. Moreover, they aren’t preferred by everyone, especially by people whose houses are based on comparatively more modern themes.


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