Green Armchair

Fantastic Green Armchair 15 on Home Remodel Ideas with Green Armchair

When thinking of house placement today, less emphasis is placed on the directions of the Four Celestial Animals and more emphasis is placed on how your home sits in it’s environment. When looking at how your house sits, I always find it best to first consider how you sit in an armchair. If you sit in an armchair you are well protected at your back, have support at your sides and have an open space at the front of you. Now think of your house sitting in the chair. This is how your house should sit in its environment, protected at the back, supported at the sides and with an open view at the front. In our modern environment, especially if you live in a town or city it is not easy to find natural land forms to provide this support and good fortune in our environment. We can however create our own shapes, forms and structures to provide us with the same protection and wellbeing that the ancient Feng Shui masters looked for when first practising Feng Shui.

As we stand at our front door facing outwards the sides of our home should have some support. This support can be provided by another house, a fence, a hedge, a row of trees or a garden wall. Ideally we would not want this support to be higher than our own house nor too far away.

At the back of our house we want to feel maximum protection. Here there should ideally be a tall structure shielding our home, which again if you have no convenient hill or mountain at the back of your house can be another building, a wall, a fence, a row of trees or a hedge. At the back of the home we would want this protection to be either the height of our own home or slightly taller and not too close so that our home feels oppressed.


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