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Epic Hoosier Cabinet 40 About Remodel Home Decoration Ideas Designing with Hoosier Cabinet

A pantry in the kitchen is where you store the things you eat along with extra pots and pans and other stuff. It is also a great place for all those recipe books you have acquired through the years. Where did the idea for a pantry come from? Back in time of knights and kings, there were storage rooms made just to house food.

Each type of food had its own room. Wine and other alcoholic beverages had their own space. So did meat and so on. By placing a pantry in a room on an outside wall, The room stayed cooler than the rest of the structure. This kept the food longer.

Years ago new homes were designed with a pantry in the kitchen. The bigger the home, the more room. Now there is good mix of big homes and smaller homes. The smaller homes just do not have the room for a pantry. If you want to add a pantry to your kitchen, make sure you have enough space. A cluttered kitchen is a pain to work in. If it will not fit in the kitchen, there are other options. The garage is usually located near the kitchen. You can put a pantry in the garage. If you do not mind going up and down steps, the basement could be an option to.


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