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Different types of countertops for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.
Choosing countertops is one of the harder things for people to decide on in a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Since colors and patterns are more personal taste, we have put together this simple guide for the industry’s most popular selections. There are plenty of other type’s of countertops available but please take the time to read reviews on some of them, we have seen these products not live up to what the manufactor sells them as.

Granite Countertops
Nothing beats the natural beauty and uniqueness that granite offers. By far the most popular countertop in the country. The options are endless as each piece is unique and depending on the location it is from can be absolutely stunning. Granite does need to be sealed as it is porous.

This product can cost $60-120 per sq. ft.

Wood Countertops
Another natural material that can give your kitchen or bathroom a beautiful look. With all the woods available for use you will have a limitless amount of options. Finish and care are important if you choose a wood countertop but it can be the centerpieces of your room.


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