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Deciding that you want to change the colour of your kitchen is never really an easy idea, it takes a lot of though and planning to decide upon different variables like: What color, where shall I apply the pain, when? etc, What I’m going to cover in this article is ‘how’ to go about repainting a Melamine Kitchen Unit. What colour, when and how is all up to you.

Melamine Paint is an oil Based Paint that is re-inforced with Urethane. It can be applied to a multitude of different surface finishes, ranging from but not exclusive to: Fibreglass, Glass, Laminates, Plastic and Acrylics and Ceramics.

Firstly, when you buy the paints you will want to think about which type of paint you want to go for, there are different types of product available in the UK, some of the more widely known

Melamine Paints are:

Ronseal “One Coat Melamine and MDF Paint”
Dulux “Realife Cupboard Paint”
Cloverdale Paint “Kitchen & Bath Semi-Gloss Acrylic Latex Paint”


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