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Chalkboard erasers are important supplements to chalkboards. They make chalkboards reusable and provide an easy means of cleaning up writings made on the board.

They are usually made of felt strips that are bound together with sticky paper or cardboard that also serves as a handle. The felt strips are used to wipe off chalk dust. However, chalkboard erasers get dirty very quickly, and once this happens they no longer remove chalk from a board. They require high maintenance to prevent too much accumulation of dust particles that prevent them from working and can make allergies and breathing a problem.

The most common way of cleaning chalkboard erasers is by repeatedly pounding the eraser against a metal filter. In days of old, many a child was sent outside the school to pound erasers against the side of the school building. With all the dust chalk particles that floated through the air, its no wonder these children sneezed their heads off and suffered from allergies. A safer way to clean chalkboard erasers is by dipping the felt part of the eraser into lukewarm water. Of course, he eraser needs to dry before they can be used again, but it is a far safer way than pounding dust into the air.

Normal chalkboard erasers usually have a dimension of 1.5 inches by 4 inches. These are big enough for regular chalkboards. There are also smaller ones that may be more suitable for personal chalkboards or loose boards.

Chalkboard erasers cost $2 to $5 depending on the quantity and the quality desired. There are newer versions that can be attached to the hand. This makes it easier for the user to write and erase subsequently. Likewise, because of the popularity of whiteboards, chalkboard erasers are also made to remove marker writing on whiteboard.


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