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Magnificent Kitchen Wall Clocks 41 on Home Interior Design Ideas with Kitchen Wall Clocks

Most people don’t want to throw something away if it is in fine working condition but when the looks start to go on your kitchen wall clock what other choice do you have? Surely you can’t sell it and you probably can’t even give it away. What it needs is a new look.

If your clock is a less expensive model then the first thing to show signs of aging will be the face. Cheaper clocks have a thin paper background under their minute and hour hands. Clock faces are very easy to change and swapping out an old face will breathe new life into your old clock. It is very easy to get a new face for your clock if it is in a standard size.

Most companies will sell an assortment of new clock faces for you to try. If you can’t find any that you like, it’s easy and fun to make them at home. Simply remove the paper from the old face and use it to make a pattern on your new material. There great and easy ideas for a new backgrounds lying around your home. Old maps make a great choice as well as pretty photographs from magazines.


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