La Tostaduría / Taller Capitán


  • Architects

    Taller Capitán
  • Location

    Canelones 2154, 11200 Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Architect in charge

    Jeremías Merino Pena
  • Art on walls

    Kill Beef
  • Brand design

    Estudio Mundial
  • Area

    110.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

    Marcos Guiponi

Text description provided by the architects. La Tostaduría, the coffee as a cult, from roasting to its consumption. A space designed as a whole, furniture, graphic design and art revolve around a single purpose, passion for specialty coffee.

Coffee roaster and specialty coffee shop
The activities that were carried out in the premises were decisive for the design of the premises, on the one hand, the coffee roaster, and on the other, the specialty coffee shop.

Coffee roasting: it was considered as a mini-factory, delimiting cargo mobility routes such as coffee storage. The toast is visible to the public, endowing to the customer for a unique experience.

Specialty coffee shop: It appears as a single and large coffee bar, more than 6 meters that seeks to break into space as the only heavy element. about her all the activities related to the coffee service, as well as a sector dedicated exclusively to the filtered ones.

The general aesthetic has a marked characteristic, with a palette bounded to black, gray and white. The metal painted in black becomes the protagonist of the whole place, all the equipment is enhanced by this resource, thus reinforcing the monochromatic character of it.

The pre-existing medians were left as they were, incorporating murals of the artist Kill Beef  that made reference to the coffees achieved a very visual impact important.

All the furniture was designed exclusively for this project, and executed by the same signature Taller Capitán, it was considered as a whole, where the design is applied from the macro even the smallest details, generating the uniformity and empowerment of the idea.

Source : archdaily


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