Leather Armchairs

Coolest Leather Armchairs 49 For Your Inspiration To Remodel Home with Leather Armchairs

The leather tub chair is without doubt the most popular kind of tub chair around these days. In fact they have proved to be the most popular over the last century. More are sold than any other style because they offer the greatest durability and if the leather is good quality, they offer that unique worn look as they age, without losing their comfort.

The first thing you should notice when you sit in the chair is the spring and softness of the leather. This is what provides the comfort. More important is the quality of the hide used. This will determine whether your tub chair will age with dignity or start to crack and break after a few years. On first inspection you should also be able to smell the leather. Lower grade hides will not have such a noticeable smell, and this can be an early clue as to the overall quality.

If you take a closer look at the bottom of the chair you should see the upholstery tags. On these tags it will tell you whether the upholstery is full grain or top grain leather. There is a difference between the two types. Full grain is the best quality you can get because it will display the natural imperfections of the cow skin, and these slight blemishes are what will give your chair it’s character.


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