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Cute Luxury Bathrooms 36 on Interior Design For Home Remodeling with Luxury Bathrooms

Bathroom is a term that has evolved over history. It is written that in medieval times people had no bathrooms. They simply had a chamber pot and had to throw their waste out of windows. Hence the term ‘Guardiloo’ often heard in the streets of Edinburgh. Some may have had a container made from wood in their bedroom. If they were lucky although many had to pay to use bath houses. Bathing was however not encouraged anyway as they believed it may contribute to the spread of disease. Bathrooms began to appear in the 1920’s although many still didn’t have bathrooms till the 1970’s. Many had outside toilets. However, most of these are now gone along with the 1960 terraces due to inner city upgrading.

Today bathing mainly in Europe has become a luxury as much as an essential. Bathroom shower rooms or wet rooms are not only fully functional but many are designed to reflect luxury and style. This is now seen as one of the most important rooms in a modern house and it’s easy to find loads of different styles to suit your budget and taste. Trends have changed over the years. Avacodo and pink suites are no longer in fashion. White tends to dominate the market. People in Edinburgh will most probably key into a search engine bathrooms Edinburgh to find showrooms and companies who design and fit such bathrooms. There are loads of style options from types of baths suiting large and small spaces with differing screens or curtains to types of washbasins, water closets, normal seats or soft close seats, 2 single taps or a monoblock.


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