Mandíbula / Sub Estúdio


  • Architects

    Sub Estúdio
  • Location

    São Paulo – State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Design Team

    Isabel Nassif, Renata Pedrosa
  • Photographs

    Tomás Cytrynowicz

Text description provided by the architects. A small office, white walls and low white ceiling. This was the place we had to put down to find what was behind all that painting. During the entire process we were inside, It was a demolition process where we were curating what we wanted to see, deciding what should go and what should stay. Through the process we found the concrete under that painting, all kinds of bricks, the concrete slab on the ceiling. When we could finally see all that together, we started to choose how to show them according to the briefing we had.

We decided to show all the structure and its materials of the original building (concrete, bricks and slab) combining with steel. Everything new, we made out of steel. Since the bar is very small, we decided to make storage on an iron mezzanine hanging from the concrete beam.

That way we clear the main floor from any structure that we would need to have a mezzanine. The bathroom door we also made of steel. One wall was made of hollow bricks, that didn’t look as good as the older bricks because it was totally broke from the demolition, lots of holes on it. But it was a important wall to hang frames, records and the speakers so we reinforce it with a metallic screen that works as an independent structure to hang all they need.

Source : archdaily


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