Marble Floor

Unique Marble Floor 48 For Home Designing Inspiration with Marble Floor

The use of marble as a material for flooring has risen significantly in the past decades, surprisingly because of the stones durability. When the marble tile is initially laid, it is treated with an approved stain resistant sealant, which helps to protect the floor for around a decade, after which experts recommend that it be resealed again.

Marble floors are known to resist most spills, as long as these are wiped cleaned up immediately, although strong acidic liquids may cause stains, which can however be removed by professionally cleaners. Aside from keeping them constantly shiny, these types of floors are basically maintenance-free.

Basic Maintenance Tips For Marble Flooring

Daily marble floor upkeep is as easy as mopping them with hot water, and leaving it to dry afterwards. A suitable manufacturer-approved cleaning fluid can be added to the water, although this as to be mild, bleach-free, non-caustic and pH neutral. Most hardware shops and home depot stores offer several cleaning fluid brands, but if in doubt, go only for those clearly marked “suitable for marble flooring”.

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