Master Bedroom Colors

Fabulous Master Bedroom Colors 51 About Remodel Home Decor Arrangement Ideas with Master Bedroom Colors

A home that is built and decorated as per vastu brings prosperity, happiness and wealth. However, not all houses are built as per these principles. So, if you happen to find a home that is perfect for you in every sense, but does not follow vastu principles, you don’t have to let it go. You can incorporate these laws in the color schemes and interior design and enjoy the benefits of living in a scientifically designed home. Here, we deal with home colors as per vastu shastra.

On what basis are colors decided?

Colors are nothing but lights of different frequencies and wavelengths. Every color is a kind of radiation and so, colors used for walls do have a profound influence on people living in the space. Important aspects such as decision making, cheerfulness, calmness and vibrancy can be manipulated by the right use of colors. Vastu, which is based on principles of energies and radiations, gives precise guidelines about use of colors depending on the directional aspect and usage pattern of the room.


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