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Recently, a group of talented musicians did the impossible and breathed new life into this aficionado’s decrepit anthology of old favourites. The name of this soulful bunch is the Armchair Cynics and their gift is arena-filling sound, evocative song writing and an edgy yet captivating presentation.

Not only is their music spellbinding when heard over the airwaves but heard live it is awesome and I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment. Included in the Armchair Cynic’s list of fans is Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger. Kroeger and business partner Jonathin Simkin have signed the Cynics to a record deal with their label, 604 Records. This union gave rise to their sold-out EP titled “Killing the Romance”.

Simkin told me that neither him nor Kroeger could overlook the Cynic’s ability to write first-rate songs that are not only melodic but also richly layered. That wasn’t their only alluring quality.


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