Modern Floor Lamp

Brilliant Modern Floor Lamp 59 With Additional Furniture Home Design Ideas with Modern Floor Lamp

Adding a touch of style to a room can be quite challenging. One way many interior designers do this is by adding accent pieces that evoke an overall design theme. A small painting or sculpture placed at appropriate locations in any given room can convey a clear statement about the personality of the room owner or about what the room itself intends to send across.

The arc floor lamp is another piece that can easily function as a complementary room decor that is versatile enough to conform to-or even highlight-just about any theme imaginable. Unlike paintings, sculptures or other similar works of art, an arc floor lamp is a true functional appliance that can provide a room with general lighting or with controlled lighting effects for drawing out a particular ambience or mood.

Among modern lamps, the arc floor lamp is a bridge design between traditional and historic lamp archetypes such as the torchiere and contemporary lamps that often place high premiums on elegant simplicity and guided experimentation. In its basic form, the arc floor lamp launches from the rigid structures of torchieres by evoking a sense of movement that is light, easy and graceful. As such, arc floor lamps may be used to subdue excessively sharp angularities in rooms, providing a wavelike dynamism to otherwise stark spaces.


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