Navy Blue Armchair

Creative Navy Blue Armchair 20 For Your Interior Home Inspiration with Navy Blue Armchair

One of the strongest trends is the idea of nostalgia for the future while being sensitive to the past. In other words, the future is born of tradition.

A large component of the renewed and reborn past is fusing the old with the new. This may be done through the use of reclaimed or repurposed materials. It also includes the upcycling of older materials to create new and unique styles / designs / pieces.

This leads into the return of decorative pieces like trunks, both in terms of accessories and furnishings, as well as a resurgence of neo-Baroque curves. Many pieces are new but are made to look old,worn, faded, and beaten up, thereby referencing the past. Others make use of patches, another off-shoot of the larger trend.


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