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  • Interiors Designers

    0321 STUDIO
  • Location

    Shijing Branch Rd, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Designer

    Buyang Zheng
  • Design Team

    Yulong Hu, Easyhos , Jason, Kiki
  • Lighting Consultant

  • Area

    240.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

    Meat mountain

Text description provided by the architects. Nous opened its first pioneering experimental floral restaurant in Dongcheng District in Dongguan early this year, offering mixed services of exploring the aesthetics of ingredients and floral matching. The creative agency 0321studio in Shenzhen collaborated with Nous to organize and design this shop along the street. The customer’s request focuses on how to solve the relationship between floral and dining in visual, functional, and emotionalways.

We believe that the importance of space is the relationship, connections between people and space, between space and space, and between emotion and environment. First of all, we choose solely one material to maximize its contact with space. Both the area of appearance and its own mechanism try to differentiate its recognition from conventional materials. The project will reduce the amount of terrazzo aggregates and auxiliary materials. Emphasizing the randomness of the white aggregates and enlarging their size, forming a special material mechanism, and creating an extreme visual experience over a large area attempt to influence the customer’s emotions and create a unique dining experience.

The design concept proposes to rethink the necessity of easily recognizing a restaurant from the outside. The visual information of restaurants along the street is completely hidden behind the floral function. The floral area is not affiliated with the dining area, instead it interferes by jamming between the interior and the public street.

A transparent cube stands in the doorway, serving both as a street backdrop and as a background to the restaurant when people look outside. And this box must be translucent. Restaurant-goers need to go through this box. We like this kind of conflict and even interference rather than a mediocre and harmonious coexistence.

We choose a relatively large-scale appearance of transparent colored glass, as the boundary between the store and the outside world, and combine flower display, floral operation, storage and other functions to create a full metal mass.

Long cast-in-seat terrazzo seats, combined with two centimeter-thick fur blankets and simple metal components create a neat seating layout, maintaining and enhancing the customer’s unique dining experience. This also achieves the important elements of space and differentiation from other similar restaurants without losing comfort, inspiring everyone’s imagination in this environment, especially dinning imagination.

The pink staircase serves as a space decoration element as well as the vertical traffic tool.

Finally, we would like to talk about the wall fragments related to intensive phobia. Compared with its decorativeness, we care more about its emotional intensiveness, two-dimensional obstacle aesthetics in three-dimensional space.

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