Off White Kitchen Cabinets

Creative Off White Kitchen Cabinets 33 With Additional Decorating Home Ideas with Off White Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are so much more than the place where we store dishes; they’re the common element that ties modern kitchens together. Whether you’re going for a stylishly open concept, sleek and modern, or a traditional country inspired kitchen, cabinets will be crucial in pulling off the overall look. This article will be looking at several popular elements that you can expect to see more of in 2013, such as modern rustic looks, grey or ash as a contrasting colour, and how tasteful backsplashes can set off the entire kitchen. We’ll talk about each of these trends and steps you can take to implement them in your home.

Kitchen Cabinets juxtaposed with rustic elements create a traditional yet modern kitchen

There’s a strong appeal to having a comforting and homey kitchen with a rustic flair, but one touch too many and guests will think they walked into a Little House on the Prairie. To avoid going too far, it’s good to pick a few elements that speak to your rustic vision, but then supply some contrast with modern and functional elements. Look into classic wooden cabinetry (custom detailing seals the deal), or a traditional long table, or traditional brass fixtures to create the rustic element. Then contrast it with modern appliances or a cool stone countertop to create the perfect look for a hybrid modern and traditional kitchen.


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