Overstuffed Armchair

Lovely Overstuffed Armchair 53 on Home Decor Arrangement Ideas with Overstuffed Armchair

Today we decorate! Such is the cry of the new homeowner, whether new to being a homeowner or new to this particular home. And such is the challenge, to create a living space that is livable. Saving the most intimate areas for last, let us take a virtual trip through the typical home. First, we knock on the door and enter the foyer. It is a smallish space that says so much about a visitor’s first glance into your home. Is it welcoming? Are there places for muddy shoes and dripping umbrellas? Perhaps a coat rack or antique hat rack make the visitor glad to shed his outdoor gear and enter the indoor area of your gracious home. A signature painting is on the wall. It is smallish, too, a little abstract piece that he will recognize as a water lily. He sees it, and smiles.

After greeting him, you invite him into the great room. This has been the most challenging to decorate due to its vaulted ceiling and wide expanse of floor space. It’s designed for casually combining the living and dining aspects of home life, yet it seemed huge and impossible to decorate. Thanks to the flair for finding decorating tips that somehow leaped up inside you, tips about color and groupings, you decide that, really, you are most happy with the results. You’ve divided the large space into smaller ones using furniture groupings. The fireplace is the focal point of the living area and so it has been made inviting with a loveseat and two overstuffed armchairs. It is separate from the television area, which has a long sofa for groups to watch television in happy camaraderie. At the far end of the great room is a window that cried out for a window seat, so you had one installed. In the nook thus created, you placed eight small pieces of artwork, framed ornately in gold filigree. When the reader tires of print and wants to change his point of view, he simply looks up and sees an outdoor vista through the window or he glances at the art, changing his mood as he admires the brushstrokes or the subject. You think you are the happiest with this choice for the great room.


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